Introducing Family Studio N Team

Meet Nebojsa and Natasa, Professional Photographer and Makeup Artist, owners of Family Studio N.

We bounded not only by our love but also by our shared passion for creativity. For Natasa makeup is a boundless form of creative expression. She has exceptional eye for detail, while I had an uncanny talent for capturing the world's beauty through my lens.

We dreamed of combining talents to create something extraordinary, a project that would reflect our shared love for art and dedication to each other.

With Natasa’s professional makeup and my photography skills, it soon became obvious that we were as true soulmates in business as we are in private life. As an expert in princesses, dresses, fun, and magic, our daughter Dunja loves being our little helper whenever an opportunity arises.

Family Studio N | Chicago Photography Studio

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”


Westmont, IL